Advancing Equality and Empowerment in Solar Home Systems Business Models: The Critical Role of the Gender Audit

2021.08_Gender Audit_Solar Home Systems Business Models

A gender audit – can be an empowering exercise. The immediate goal is to understand how the company’s current operations are contributing to – or impeding – gender equality. But, used well, it should also serve to unify management and employees around a shared vision and process towards achieving greater gender equality in the workplace.

This brief presents the experience and lessons learned from two different market systems development (MSD) programs, Elan in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Women IN Business (WIN) in Mozambique. These programs implemented gender audits as part of a broader strategy to advance gender equality and women’s economic empowerment with partner renewable energy companies – Altech (DRC) and ENGIE Energy Access Mozambique (formerly Fenix International).  It is intended for business managers and development practitioners interested in advancing sustainable, private-sector-led approaches to gender equality, social inclusion, and women’s economic empowerment.


Senior Consultant

I work across markets, business and supply chains, impact investing, agriculture, and women’s economic empowerment. I am an experienced monitoring, evaluation, research and learning consultant and project manager with expertise in the use of mixed methods, theory-based approaches and data collection and analysis. I have been working in M&E for market systems development for 10 years now, and going strong.