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Canopy’s Lab Notes: Entry #3 on Keeping It Simple

In this third entry for Lab Notes, Senior Consultant Laura Kim chronicles how she learned how to keep things smart and simple, when it came to showcasing pre-COVID and post-COVID changes in international development practitioners’ desired levels of travel.

Market Systems Development

RECONOMY’s Inception Phase: Lessons on how to Navigate Complexity

Projects that follow the Market Systems Development (MSD) approach often have inception phases that include establishing initial partnerships to refine engagement strategies. For RECONOMY, however, this phase entailed much more. This case study explores the knowledge and experience gained during the project’s 2+ year inception.

Impact Investing

Investing and Engaging in the Care Economy: Briefs for Gender-Smart Investors and Other Actors

The Canopy Lab partnered with GenderSmart & 2X Collaborative Care Economy Working Group to produce two briefs to amplify the importance of investing in the care economy. These documents are geared toward investors, investment influencers and related actors who are interested in starting or deepening their engagement with the care economy through more gender-smart capital allocation.


Shaping Our New Normal: An Unprecedented Opportunity to Reimagine a More Inclusive International Development Workplace

This research — which includes input from 950 development professionals across humanitarian, WASH, agriculture, and economic growth fields, representing all career levels, 23% minority voices, and 92 nationalities—explores professionals’ shifting perspectives on their careers in light of the seismic changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Senior Consultant

I work across markets, business and supply chains, impact investing, agriculture, and women’s economic empowerment. I am an experienced monitoring, evaluation, research and learning consultant and project manager with expertise in the use of mixed methods, theory-based approaches and data collection and analysis. I have been working in M&E for market systems development for 10 years now, and going strong.